Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Personal Addition #1

I am trying to stay optomistic when saying, I think the NHL lockout will be short lived, but honestly I think Canadians are looking at a long cold winter with no NHL hockey ahead. I could rant all day about how angry I am there will be no hockey this winter, but instead here's a list of all the things I will miss about the NHL. In no praticular order what so ever!

I will miss Don Cherry.... and his fashion choices.
I will miss Saturday night double headers on CBC
I will miss game winning overtime goals.
I will miss hockey brawls.
I will miss the hoisting of the Stanley Cup
I will miss the NHL trade deadline and All Star Weekend
I will miss the Winnipeg Jets, and the Mts Center on game days
I will miss sitting down and watching a game, and for 3 hours, having no worries in the world
I will miss Sydney Crosby
I will miss morning highlights on TSN

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