Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rambling Autobiography

I was born, along with my twin sister, December, 17, 1994. She’s 5 minutes older. One of the coldest winter’s in Canadian history. I love eating at restaurants, and poutine is my favorite meal by far. My great grandma is still alive and 102 years old. I have probably seen every episode of “Cops” that has been aired, but still managed to get a 400$ speeding ticket this summer. I can honestly say I have never stolen anything. But I have probably lied to most people I know. I plan to move away from Winnipeg sometime in the future. I have been here my whole life. I’ve been in 2 car crashes, but thankfully was never hurt. I am a strong believer in fate… but I like to live on the edge. I secretly like to sing. In grade 3 I tried a cigarette, but I have never come close to one since. My favorite place on earth is anywhere with family and friends. I can’t imagine life without them.

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