Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reading Reflection #5 (iPhone)

Character iPhone.... Orin Boyd


Hangman- I chose this app because Orin Boyd is constantly thinking of suicide and hanging himself. I think it would kind of be ironic to see this app on his phone, but for some reason I think he would have it.
Alcoholic's Anonymous- I chose this app because Orin is constantly having troubles with alcohol in the novel. He is open about being an alcoholic, but won't even consider getting treatment.
Dictionary- Orin is not the smartest guy around, and throughout the novel, I seem to get the impression he isn't very literate. Throughout the novel, the other characters seem to use complex words around Orin, and I think a dictionary would be helpful for him.
Flashlight- Orin always seems to find himself in dark alleys or hallways, and he always lights a match so he can see where he is going, I think a flashlight app would help him a lot in those predicaments.
Survival App- Orin always says, there is nothing more to life then survival, and he always claims he could survive in any environment. I chose this app, because I think Orin know's himself he couldn't survive in any circumstance and this app would probably become in handy sometime.
ESPN- I chose this app because Orin loves football, and he is always checking up on the score and standings.
Music- Orin's only real soft spot is music, and I feel it's very important to help him get through hard times.
Learn to  Swim- Ironically enough, at the beginning of the novel, Orin falls into a pool and doesn't know how to swim. He needs to learn.
18000 Lame Jokes- I chose this app because Orin is the king of lame jokes, I started to question where he gets them all from
Anger App- Orin always seems to have some sort of built up anger inside of him. The only was he can let it out is by breaking stuff. I think this app would actually help him, so he can break virtual things, not everything else when he is angry.

On the back of Orin's phone, I chose to draw lady liberty and the quote "justice for all" Orin seems to think the law revolves around him, so I think lady justice is appropriate. In a way, there is even some imagery to that in the novel, when Orin is pictured in this one scene, blindfolded with a knife in his hand. Law is something that is part of Orin's everyday life, and something he strives to control. I think it's only fitting for him to carry this image around, on his phone.

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