Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Reading Response #7 (New book)

Then We Came to the End
By: Joshua Ferris
Pages 1-27

So just in case you did not see the title (new book), I just started reading Then We Came to the End by John Ferris. To be honest I am so happy I started reading a new book because my last one, was just too confusing and boring at times. This one on the other hand, is something I can relate to, and the stories although fiction feel, more real, almost like I am in the book. This novel is about a company, who in financial downfall starts laying off employees, one at a time, no one knowing who is next, and for no apparent reason.

At the beginning of the novel it was difficult keeping all the numerous subplots in place. Already there are about 12 characters and their stories jump around so much, making me feel not part of the group, almost like a new hire to the company. The book is told through a second person perspective, but someone who we are yet to know the name of, and someone with a bit of a bizarre personality. To be honest, I don't even know if the narrator has a personality at this point. Everything seems to be told black and white, the way the narrator and everyone else see it. But everything seems to be comical and hilarious. I like this because, the story isn't told through one persons opinions, but rather everyone else as a whole. Maybe the narrator is the company itself. The characterization in this story happens very quickly and by page 25, you know a whole lot about every character.

One reason why I like this book so much is because something similar happened to me this summer with my past employer. Our company lost much of our funding and people were starting to get laid off. Unfortunately  I was also laid off, but not as quickly as the others. Like the narrator in this novel, I took a back seat to everyone before me, and I could pick out reasons why they were laid off, until inevitably it was my turn. I didn't understand why or how that could happen to me, and like most of the characters I began to feel down on myself. As I continue to read, I am curious to see how being laid off effects the characters, having been through it myself. One prediction I have at this point is that one of the employees who is laid off is going to come back and seek revenge on the company. 

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