Monday, 19 November 2012

Writing Reflection (Newspaper Blackout)

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the newspaper blackout poetry, and to be honest I have never like any sort of poetry before. At first, I found it difficult to make a poem out of a newspaper article, but when I started just taking out words that appealed to me, the rest of the poem seemed to come together. The hardest part for me was flow throughout the poem and at times it seemed the words I chose made the poem choppy. I think at that point I was being too specific on my word selection. I started picking different words, and mostly words that could transition thoughts and ideas. I mean all the words were there, it was just a matter of picking the right ones. As for my poems, I was very happy with how they turned out. What surprised me the most was how I could transform an article into something unique and completely different then the original. The only other difficulty I had was finding the right article. I think lots of news articles nowadays, lack in rich vocabulary, and I think that's something poetry strives for. To make a good poem, I needed an article with some personality, and something that didn't just state the facts. I learnt as a writer, the article was just a starting point for the poem. It was almost like a puzzle you put together yourself using the words. I think, I showed myself I can be more creative then I thought I was, and I am really proud of how my poems turned out.

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