Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Reading Response # 4

The Honor Farm
By: John Westermann
Pages.  67-201

I am about half way through my book now and things are getting intense. Orin is definitely getting closer to finding out the truth about the suicide. One thing in particular intrigues me, and that is a new character by the name of John. No one really knows much about him, but he`s been in the background the whole time. During this passage of the book, another suspicious death occurs, and everything seems to point directly to him as the culprit. Consequently, the man who is found dead (Alex Charers) was rooming with the commissioners son before his alleged suicide. He may have been the answer to all of Orin's questions and Orin is the only one who believes John killed Alex and maybe even the commissionaires son.

One part of this passage I don't understand, is why all the other inmates seem to be comfortable with covering Alex's death up with the term of just another suicide. No body seems to show any remorse or concern for what's going on around them. I think they are afraid of what's happening and maybe even fear they are next. One prediction I have at this point is that Orin is the next to commit "suicide" or be murdered. I just think the others are starting to see him as a threat. It's becoming obvious why he is there, and everyone else seems to be avoiding him.

One aspect that seems to be returning consistently is Orin's problem with alcohol. A different side to him appears when he is intoxicated, and surprisingly it's a side more human. When Orin is drunk, some of the hidden fears and emotions he normally hides come out, and he is more likable as a person. I think this reveals  some of the difficulties Orin has had and how he copes with them. In a way, I can relate to Orin in this passage. Having many police officers in my family, I can see sometimes that things bother them and everyone has different ways to cope with it. In Orin's case it's alcohol, and without it Orin is a sad, weakened man.

Another connection I made at this point, is again with Orin. Orin just doesn't fit in with the other inmates, and sometimes I feel the same way with high school. For me, I don't like partying and doing what the majority does. I feel better sometimes doing my own thing and what others think doesn't really bother me, much like Orin. I don't always go with the flow and like Orin, I sometimes question why.

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