Monday, 21 January 2013

Bucket List So What and Author's Note

Well here we are the end of the semester. Whoa did it go by fast! I really got excited at the end when I found out we were doing a bucket list project. I have watched The Buried Life before on t.v. but for me it was the Bucket List movie that had the biggest impression and inspiration for my project. Life is just to short no matter what anyone says. I have to say I love to live in the moment, but looking forward to things in the future inspires me to do good today and live for tomorrow. I really have so much I want to do before I kick the bucket, and it scares me a little to be thinking about this at such a young age. The reality however, is that a bucket list really can never end. No matter what there will always be something I want to do.... even when I think I have done it all. This project was actually a kind of eye opener to me and I am beginning to realize all the endless possibilities that surround me. I am really fortunate. I also learnt that the items on my list best describe me and my personality. No matter if I finish everything on my list, at least I have something to strive for tomorrow. I realize now that I will just have to put my mind to it and put some effort into completing the list, but I am definitely open to the challenge. I predict my bucket list might change a little over time as different priorities take control, but for now I have a solid 100 items to knock off. As for my project I decided to take my own picture and plug them into animoto to create a slideshow. I am really happy with how it turned out and my lack of technology sense is slowly becoming obsolete.

Now the so what? So what? Well I really don't have any particular item I want to knock off the list right now today. But I think my best plan of action is to keep all my options and opportunities open and take advantage of them whenever I can. Unlike most people, I am in no rush whatsoever to complete everything in a timely fashion. I would rather go along and enjoy the ride, with my goals always close by. With that being said, I definitely want to travel and do all the dangerous and sometimes stupid items on my list while I am still young. I think for now I can maybe start planning for my trips and putting some money aside. The day will come for everything on my list and when it does I will know it. Until then I am just gonna live in the moment and have something to look forward to. I think if I rush myself, I wont get everything I would want and expect out of the experience.

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