Friday, 4 January 2013

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

All and all, twitter fiction went pretty good for me. I am happy with how my final piece turned out. I don't normally write stories and I don't have twitter, so I was definitely out of my norm. Surprisingly the easiest part for me was, adding the different types of imagery. I like to describe things in depth, so I had no difficulties with that. The flow of my story however was something I struggled with. The hardest part was keeping each tweet to 140 characters. I found myself constantly going over, and having to cut and shorten certain tweets to fit the space and to keep the flow going. The last thing I wanted was for the story to be choppy and hard to follow. As a writer I learnt quality far exceeds quantity in this case. There were certain things I added to my story that didn't necessarily need to be there, and by editing them out, my story stayed more to the point. In terms of publishing myself on twitter, I had no problems what so ever. Honestly I felt comfortable showing my story to everyone. It was something I was proud of. In a way, it felt more like a conversation then anything. I think if I were to tell someone the story I wrote, it would come out exactly the same way the tweets did. I think I feel more comfortable with twitter then blogging, being that twitter seems to have more of a social atmosphere around it. It doesn't just feel like me and the computer. It feels more like a conversation if that makes any sense.

On Thursday, I chose to read Elliott Holt`s twitter fiction. I thought it would be interesting to see how a story could be told through numerous tweets from different people. In the end her story was actually a pleasure to read and I liked how the ending was not clear. Her characters had very distincitive perosnalities and they definately expressed them throughout the tweets. I found myself liking one character and almost ignoring the others. I think however we needed more information to conclude a killer, and that maybe that would have added to the story. I also took the chance to read over some other people's in this class' twitter fiction and honestly I was surprised. I really enjoyed the 1-3 tweet stories in praticular, and personnally I think those are harder to do. As a reader I found that most people focused their sotries around something they are interested in... and I did the same. At first I was writing a story that honestly didnt interest me. It was something I thought I would get good marks on and nothing more. About half way through I completely scraped that idea and started writing a mystery which is my favorite type of story to read. The purpose being I could use styles and techniques from stories I had read and I was even able to through  in my own ideas to obtain certain effects. Like I said earlier I didn't have twitter before this project, and to be honest I thought it was just a place celeberites and drunks could throw out there thoughts for everyone to see. I think in some cases that's true, but twitter also showed me an educational and useful side. It somewhere you can share your work, receive feedback (good and bad) and esentially promote your self. Any how I really enjoyed this project and I hope we will continue to use twitter for more projects!

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