Friday, 4 January 2013

My Buried Life Bucket List

1.Bungee Jump From a Bridge 2.Get in the Guinness Book of World Records 3.Attend the Olympic Games 4. Drink Beer at Oktoberfest 5.Float Around in the Dead Sea 6.Sing in a Gospel Choir in New Orleans 7. Wave the pizza sign at little ceasar's 8. Win a prestigous award. 9. Get up and go...anywhere 10. Be in New York for new year's 11. Be the best man at a wedding 12. Jump on stage at a big concert. 13. Sleep on the streets for a night 14. Go to all 7 continents. 15. Be on a popular tv show. 16. Make someone's item on their bucket list come true. 17. Make a large anonymous donation. 18. Skydive 19. Visit my friends in Germany 20. Drive over 200 km/h 21. Finish university 22. Become a police officer 23. Arrest a murderer 24. Ride a bull 25. Snorkle or dive in Thaiti 26.Get married 27. Have kids 28. Go white water rafting 29. Get a tatoo 30. Go to a super bowl 30. Referee in the NHL 31. Save someone's life 32. Crash a wedding 33. Pull the biggest prank 34. Laugh until I cry 35. Meet Jimmy 36. Survive on ice cream for a week 37. Appear on the news 38. Be in two places at once 39. Do a distance swim to an island 40. Survive on that island for a week 41. Sleep under the stars 42. Get in a UFC fight 43. Win that fight 44. Meet Ellen 44. Pet a lion 45. Stay in a theater overnight 46. Visit the Eiffel Tower 47. Gamble in Las Vegas 48. Kiss a total stranger 49. Have my heart broken 50. Eat something that's alive 51. Talk to people through medium 52. Walk the Great Wall of China 53. Learn sign language 54. Attend a late night show 55. Donate blood 56. Experience zero gravity 57. Audition for America's got Talent 58. Open a Swiss bank account 60. Work my dream job 61. Be in a flash mob 62. Do stand up comdey 63. Do a wheelie on a motorcycle 64. Learn a third language 65. Get a hole in one playing golf 66. Fire someone at a job 67. Give a toast to someone famous 68. Sleep under the stars 69. Invent something to sell on a infomercial 70. Be on survivor 71. Go to australian 72. Box a kangaroo 73. Get my pilots liscence 74. Fly acroos North America 75. Visit all 50 states 76. Climb a mountain 77. Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world 78. Visit the Stonehedge 79. Touch a platypus 80. Visit the Grand Canyon 81. Always allow myself to make mistakes 82. Be in a jury 83. Participate in the running of bulls 84. Cliff jump 85. Hug Will Ferell 86. Win the lottery 87. Go on a camping trip with my best friends 88. Hitchhike across Canada 89. Sleep under the stars 90. Eat a whole jar of nutella 91. Spend a month in China 92. Skinny dip in the ocean 93. Own a husky 94. Go to a Coldplay concert 95. Attempt to rap live 96. Send my parents anywhere in the world 97. Go on a cruise 98. Master the Art of Kung-fu 99. Run a marathon 100. Live to be 100

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