Monday, 14 January 2013

Twitter Fiction Visuals

Well here they are. My twitter fiction visuals. If you have read the story then maybe you will get a better understandig of what I am trying to represent through them but if not here goes nothing. The first thing I want to point out is that the images are supposed to be through the eyes of the main character. It`s what he is seeing throughout the story. For that reason I chose to make all the images dark and sinister. Representing the main character and his thoughts. The fact there is not a lot of constrast and bright colors also represents his thinking and lack of emotion, to ultimately distance him from being a well hearted human being and portray the idea of him being a physciatric patient. The images I think represent important parts in the story that maybe you wouldn`t pick up on if you just read. For example the image of the broken window is direct coralation to the broken glass he crunches on in the story but we didn`t know forsure at that time it was the window he had broken into. The picture is also taken from the outside of the house portaying him as an intruder. Also the hallway shows the character at the end, which idealy makes it look like the hallway is somewhere he has never been to the end of. Finally the helicopter searchlight. I chose to take a picture where the beam was pointing away rather then directly at the character. This represents the idea that the character`s whereabouts are esentially unknow to the authorities which in term makes it seem like he might get away and attack someone else.

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