Monday, 14 January 2013

Jets Training Camp

So despite my rant about being mad and what not at the nhl.... I attended the first practice for the Winnipeg Jets yesterday. Honestly, there is really know way I could be mad much longer. I love hockey and its great to have the nhl back. Winnipeg fans definately deserve to have an nhl team from what I saw yesterday. Apparently there were close to 5 thousand fans in attendance. For just a practice! That is crazy. They even gave ever fan free drinks and popcorn, maybe a sort of apology from the organization for the lockout. As for the players most of them look to be in game shape and ready for the shortened season. I really think they will make the playoffs this year and I am almost sure they will win saturday against Ottowa. It was a long and painfull wait but only 5 more days until Canadians get their sport back. Hockey. (picture above taken by me)

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