Thursday, 10 January 2013

NHL Returns....finally

Well in case you live under a rock, or haven't heard the news, the nhl is back after a time consuming and damaging lockout. To be honest I really am more mad at the league then happy with the outcome. Just a bunch of millionaires being greedy if you ask me. The lockout kind of changed my view on the league. Dont get me wrong I, like any true blooded Canadian love hockey, but the lockout convinced me that the fans really aren't that important. Sure the player's say they are embarrsed but are they really? I dont think so. Just more coin in their pockets. Is there really any positive outcome for the fans? The answer is no. The players will just continue making lots of money and ticket prices are sure to increase. If you ask me, if the players and owners really cared about the fans a solution would have arised much quicker. Put them on a plane with three hours fuel and guarenteed it would land with a deal before that time was up! All I am saying is it's gonna take some time for this bad taste to get out of my mouth and hopefully the league will do something to take account for the people who really care about hockey and not just the money.

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