Thursday, 10 January 2013

High School

We are almost there! One semester down and one more it seems. Just exams....those tedious and time consuming things. Man I hate them. Every class it seems has an exam and I dont think that should be the case. No point putting extra stress on everyone to sum up everything they learned in the semester. Let people be. We learnt what we had to at our own pace in the semester so why the 3 hour long exam at the end. No one ever seems to benefit from why? The extra workload just isnt fair. I just can't wait to be over with highschool. Move into the "real world" as they say. To be honest though exams are what they are. You have got to right them to pass, but no need to lose your minds. These exams are making everyone around me panic over the smallest little things that none of them (or anyone else) will care about a few years down the line. So people just relax for now. No one likes exams but a couple weeks from now we will be free for a few months anyways.

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